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Lethbridge Sports and Social Club

We are so happy to hear from our members and how much fun they are having being a member of Lethbridge Sports and Social Club.  

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Here are some testimonials from our members:


"Lethbridge Sport and Social Club has such a diverse group of members- the group provides opportunities to meet amazing people you may never have crossed paths with otherwise. It just keeps getting bigger and better and there is something for everyone! So, so worth it!"

- Tessa


"I love meeting new people and always having something fun to do when I'm bored! I have made a lot of amazing friends though the group and would encourage anyone to join!!!"

- Tracy


"A great city needs a great way to meet great people, now it has it!"

- Jeff


"What a great way to meet people that you would otherwise never have the opportunity to meet! Lots of great activities"

- Debby


"This was so much fun! One thing I really like about Lethbridge Sports and Social Club is that you don't have be an expert at whatever the activity is. It's all for fun!" (referring to playing badminton)

- Ellen


"I am Grateful that I had an opportunity to speak with Patrick at the incubation of Lethbridge Sports & Social Club.  He puts his heart and soul into finding events and venues for the members and does a great job organising them."

- Vicky 


"It is a way to stay active while meeting new people in a safe and social environment."

- Andrea


"I started playing with Lethbridge Sport and Social Club in January 2017. I was beyond excited when I learned Patrick had started this up, because I always felt this was something the Lethbridge Community was missing. I have always loved playing basketball and have played on and off for many years. The co-ed basketball league is fantastic to say the least. The group we have that comes out brings all different skill levels to the court and we all get an equal opportunity to play and have fun. The group has been relatively consistent over the two seasons I have played and it truly is a remarkable group. Everyone is inclusive and gives you equal opportunity to play and contribute. Thank you Patrick for making this a very positive and inclusive experience."

- Candie



"I am thankful beyond words! It's really life-changing for me, I felt like I was barely existing before and now I actually feel like I'm living which is priceless ... full of gratitude"

- Amanda


"With a lot of other leagues, you really need a group to start a team or to know someone who is already on one, whereas here, you can come in as one person or just with a friend. It's really good for someone who doesn't have a team already."

- Michael


"I am so grateful to have found Lethbridge Sports and Social Club. It has been so easy to connect with other members. Hiking is a new adventure with my sister. Celebrating our strength and endurance...feeling empowered together."

- Andrea

 "I'm so glad I found the club. Thanks Patrick for creating this wonderful social network it was something this city needed badly."

- Joann


Darlene said this about her first event, The Pie Cruise and hike up Bear's Hump

"I showed up for the pie, but got so much more!

I love pie. I also love hiking. Putting both of these events together was just something I couldn't pass up. I wasn't really sure what to expect as I was joining the group solo; however, it was so easy! We were all there for similar reasons ...whether it be partaking in a favourite pastime, meeting new people, trying something new, or all of the above. I had so much fun and the people I met were awesome! I am really excited for the hikes and adventures to come

Lethbridge Expeditions is a great way to connect with others and enjoy the beauty of Southern Alberta and the Rocky Mountains. If you every felt you wanted to explore these trails but didn't want to hike alone, then consider joining us for our next adventure!"

 - Darlene



"I'm excited for the chance to make friends outside of work."

- Keith



"I joined the club to meet new people, and I have met some of the nicest people ever. Lethbridge is a great place to live and it has even gotten better with the Lethbridge Sports and Social Club being a part of it. By creating this club Patrick has helped so many people regain confidence in themselves by doing physical challenges, trying new sports or going out and socializing with new friends. Someone said to me once 'you need to get out of your comfort zone.' "

- Kelly


"It's a really great group of people. Really easygoing but still supportive and encouraging." 

- Andrea B.W.


"I've have been looking for a place with like minded people to share experiences and enjoy getting out and doing things. I am really enjoying it."

- Jeff

"This is SUCH a great idea. I'm sad that I moved away just as I found it."

- Holly



Lethbridge Sports and Social Club