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New in 2019

In 2019, our main focus is on improving the member experience.

In September of 2018, we created the member's only access and content on our website and Facebook and we want to continue to enhance your experiences with Lethbridge Sports and Social Club.


1. We are introducing personalized membership cards!


In 2019, you will have your name and expiration date printed on your membership card. This will help the volunteers at our events verify that you are current members of the club.


2. Volunteer Opportunities


In 2019, we will introduce our volunteer program! Members are welcomed to volunteer at 3-4 events per month for a minimum of one year. The main role of the volunteer is to make all the members feel welcomed by introducing themselves and introducing members to each other. Also they will be verifying that your membership cards are up to date.

Those who volunteer will receive a free shirt and a 30% discount promo code that they can use all year long (conditions apply).

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4. Membership Perks


In 2019, we will be re-evaluating our partnerships with other local businesses to bring you offers that benefit you. Stay tuned as we re-launch memberships perks in 2019! 


5. Membership Pricing


In 2019, we will be pro-rating the membership fees. Membership prices will be reduced each month. All memberships will expire December 31, 2019.


6. Guest Passes

Your friends and family have seen you out and about at our events, now it's time to invite them to join along! When you register to become a member, we will email you a unique promo code to be shared to two of your friends or family. 

They can redeem it online for a Drop In Event and join you for an event! 


7. More Sports Leagues

We are currently working on new agreements to offer more Recreational Sports Leagues. We are looking to add more sports, more time slots and in Lethbridge!  Stay tuned in early 2019 as we make an announcement.


Keeping the things you love.

We will be making some changes in 2019, but we will also keep a lot of things you love too!


1. Member Prices for Sports Leagues and other Special Items

We value you and we want to show how much we value you being a member by offering you special membership prices on sports leagues and other items and events.  For member pricing, be sure to log in to the website and click on the Members Only section of our store.


2. Variety of Programming

One of the most common comments we receive is that members like the variety of events they can attend. We are committed to continuing to offer members of Lethbridge Sports and Social Club a variety of sport and social activities. 


3. Original Joe's Beer League for our Recreational Sports Leagues


Last year we introduced the Original Joe's Beer League to our Recreational Sports Leagues. In 2019 we will continue this program. Each player registered in the sports leagues will receive a Original Joe's Beer League!

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