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Improving Member Services

Sections that will require you to login in to the website will be; the Social Events, Lethbridge Pathfinders, Lethbridge Expeditions, Ruck Club and sections of the store.

This decision is based on member experiences thus far with the club and we want to honor the value of the club by giving our members special privileges and perks.



How to Access Member Only Content

* Note: Over the month of August, we are working to create the member only content. Member only content starts on Sept. 1, 2018.

To be granted access, you must first have a profile on our website.

1. To create a profile, click here.
2. Even if you purchased a membership, you will need to click "Sign Up"

3 Use the same email and password when you purchased your membership. and complete the rest of the form. Click "New Customer? Sign Up"

 If you logged in correctly, you should see this when you click on the person in the top right corner.



Linking Your Account to Your Membership

Now that you have set up your account to the website, it needs to be linked to your 2018 Membership.

1. If you bought your own membership using the same email as your login, your account is already linked and you can stop right here.
2. If you  purchased a membership for someone else, we need them to email me so we can link their account to their membership.
3. If you won your membership in a draw, you need to email me so we can link their account to their membership.
When you message us, please provide:
1. The name of the person that the order was placed.
2. The name(s) of the additional people you bought membership for.
Once we have that information, we will give you the next few steps.


Purchasing Memberships in 2019

For the 2019 memberships, we will be asking that all individuals purchase their own memberships so that their login profiles are linked to with their memberships.

If you want to purchase a membership as a gift, we sell gift cards that can be used to redeem for memberships. 

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