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Best Way to attend an event

Lethbridge Sports and Social Club


Are you planning on attending your first event? Here is:




Here is a break-down of how to attend one of our events.


1. Click "going" on the Facebook event page, or message us to let us know you will be attending.


A lot of our members look to see who is "going" before deciding on attending. Click going so that on-the-fence members decide to come.


2. Create a group conversation on the Facebook event page.


Conversations before the event can help clear up any questions about the meet-up spot, and any other questions about the event.


3. Meet at the meet-up spot on time.


We understand people can be late. Members, please wait 5-10 minutes after the scheduled time.


We also try our best to be as descriptive as we can on the meet-up location. But sometimes it might not be clear. Be patient when other members seem lost or confused. (it may just be our fault, not yours) 


Check the Facebook event page for any late messages before heading out.


4. Wear a Lethbridge Sports and Social Club t-shirt.


Wearing a Lethbridge Sports and Social Club t-shirt is the easiest way to meet members you've never met before. We encourage all members to wear their shirts at our events to help everyone connect with each other without a hitch.


We also recommend that members attend our Mix and Mingle nights. This is a great way to meet other members and plan events with each other.


See you at an event,



Lethbridge Sports and Social Club

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