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About Us


Lethbridge Sports and Social Club

Want to play, laugh, experience new things, challenge yourself to become great? Do you want to enrich your life and the lives of others? We do too.

We created Lethbridge Sports and Social Club because we too want to connect with others. We too want to experience camaraderie through recreational sports and social activities.

We often felt that we were missing out on experiences because we didn't have people who shared our interests or our friends were unavailable to participate in events that we wanted to partake in. With Lethbridge Sports and Social Club, now you can connect with other members to share in the experience together. 

No matter your background, we encourage everyone of every ability to come out to our events, recreational sports and enjoy the experience. Our philosophy is to help each other achieve their own personal success. Aristotle said, "we achieve noble actions by living as citizens together." 

Join Lethbridge Sports and Social Club and get active and try something new. 

"Adventure brings about growth. The person you are at the end is distinct from where you are at the beginning. It is the person you get to be in the process, and the person you become, is the journey"

We've made it easy for members of Lethbridge Sports and Social Club to connect with each other. Once a member, you can attend any of our scheduled events. We encourage all members to wear a Lethbridge Sports and Social Club t-shirt at our events so that you can meet more easily at our events. We also encourage our members to RSVP on Facebook so that other members know to expect you.

For a list of our events, click here.

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Lethbridge Sports and Social Club - Life's a Journey, Find Some Companions