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About Us


Lethbridge Sports and Social Club

Want to play, laugh, experience new things, challenge yourself to become great? Do you want to enrich your life and the lives of others? We do too.

We created Lethbridge Sports and Social Club because we too want to connect with others. We wanted experience camaraderie through recreational sports and social activities.

Our goal is to facilitate meaningful interactions with others in ways that will motivate and inspire you. Our philosophy is to help each other achieve their own personal success. Aristotle said, "we achieve noble actions by living as citizens together." 

Join Lethbridge Sports and Social Club and get active and try something new. 

"Adventure brings about growth. The person you are at the end is distinct from where you are at the beginning. It is the person you get to be in the process, and the person you become, is the journey"


Lethbridge Sports and Social Club - Life's a Journey, Find Some Companions