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Your First Lethbridge Sports and Social Club Event.

January 22, 2017

Your First Lethbridge Sports and Social Club Event.

Welcome to Lethbridge Sports and Social Club.  We are thrilled you have decided to participate in one of our events. 

Whether you wanted to try a new activity, make new friends, to challenge and grow as an individual or to actively participate in your community, we want to thank you for choosing to spend your time with us. 

If you see an event you want to get involved with in our Events page, you can click on the event name and it will bring you to the Lethbridge Sports and Social Club's Facebook Fan Page. Here it will list a more detailed description of the event. You will be able to see who is attending, ticket information (if applicable), and group discussions. If you want to attend, feel free to click on "going" and invite any friends who you want to bring along.

Now that you've chosen an event you want to participate in, you've learned where the meet-up location might be, and you might have even learned a name of someone who is also attending, you are now ready to go. But we have one last tip. When you arrive to the meet-up location, the easiest way to find another Lethbridge Sports and Social Club members is by wearing a Lethbridge Sports and Social Club t-shirt

There is always some anxiety when it is your first time meeting a stranger(s). It may feel like you are on 20 first dates. Some people are social butterflies while others may be more shy. If you are a returning member, be a champion and help those who are new by introducing them to other members and help them feel welcomed. 

 Lethbridge Sports and Social Club believes in helping others reach their full potential. Whether you're a new or returning member, be a champion and help your neighbour succeed.

Lethbridge Sports and Social Club - Life's a Journey, Find Some Companions

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