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Why Feeling Discomfort Is Good For You.

February 01, 2017

Why Feeling Discomfort Is Good For You.

Often when I am faced with a challenge that is new, I become overwhelmed with feelings of self doubt, I become anxious and sometimes I quit. How often can you say you've done the same?

We often interpret those feelings as a warning sign telling us to avoid the conflict or the challenge to spare us the pain and humiliation of failure.

What if I were to tell you that the feeling of discomfort is actually a sign that you are doing something right?

Whether it is a new job, you're starting back at the gym, climbing the mountain, or asking someone out on a date, we all started with a goal to achieve but somewhere along the path we experience doubt. Reset your mindset and turn your discomfort into motivation. Challenge yourself to overcome your adversity.

Every single day that you challenge yourself and step outside of you comfort zone, is a day worth living.

Sometimes the answer is simple and right in front our faces, other times, we need to reflect. But look to what is challenging you the most, that is what you need to work on. 

So name one aspect of your life that is causing you discomfort and start today by working on a strategy to help you overcome this challenge.

Give yourself time to work on this goal, sometimes our adversities are deeply embedded into our personalities and our way of life and it can't happen overnight. Create your plan, set goals, and allot an appropriate time span for you to achieve your goal.

I have begun to pursue new goals and am finding I am faced with new challenges. Sometimes my ambitions goes according to plan, other times it fails. But, that's okay, it's all part of the process and the journey.  The solution often takes another form and may even be better than what I set out to get.

Face your adversity head on, embrace your moments of discomfort and enjoy the journey to your success.



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