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Waterton - Akamina Pass

February 25, 2017

Waterton - Akamina Pass

Waterton National Parks is open all year round, and if you are able to visit the park at the right time of year and before the Chinook melts part of the trail away, you can be privilege to enjoy the winter wonderland of Waterton.

For those looking for a longer day adventure in Waterton, take the Akamina Pass trail.

To get there, you will need to take the Akamina Highway to Cameron Lake.

Akamina Pass

  • Easy to Intermediate Difficulty
  • Plan for 5-6 hours

Once in Waterton, take the Akamina Highway towards Cameron Lake and park at Little Prairie parking lot. Here you will find some picnic tables and an outhouse.

Once suited up, continue on the un-plowed road towards Cameron Lake. Once you are about 1 km up the trail you will see a sign to the right to Akamina Trail. 

Continue on this trail and be cautious of snowmobiles as they are permitted in sections of this trail. At the top you will come to Forum Peak and Forum Lake. If you have time to continue on, go a further few kilometers to Wall Lake. Here you will find a frozen waterfall, and another impressive lake and mountain view.

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