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The Rucker - The Ideal bag for Rucking!

November 16, 2017

The Rucker - The Ideal bag for Rucking!

So you might have seen us talk about rucking a lot. We just love it. Walking just never seemed like a big enough workout for me and running is not my favourite. Rucking is the happy median. It is challenging on our bodies and minds but it is a great social activity. Social Fitness! 

If you want to be active while being social, rucking is a great way to go. You have all the social benefits of walking but now you have exponentially increased the health benefits. Proper posture, higher calorie burn, and muscle gain. 

In the summer and fall, we had the luxury of long nights, now that it is winter, we will start scheduling our rucking events for mid-day on the weekends. And to double down on the social aspect, we will be adding brunch or happy hour to our rucking events. You deserve to be spoiled after rucking. It isn't so easy but it is highly rewarding!

If you are looking to get into rucking, you can use just about any backpack you have. But when you are ready to graduate from your old college back and want to get serious with rucking, we highly recommend that you get a GORUCK Rucker. 


GORUCK - The Rucker


This bag has the perfect pocket in the inside that holds a weight plate close to your back. With the weight flat and close to your back, the weight is evenly distributed across your back.

Besides being a kick-ass looking bag, it is built to last. These bags can hold up to 400 lbs before starting to tear. But in the off chance that they do show some wear and tear, they are backed by a Scars Warranty. Just send it to GORUCK and they'll fix up your bag like new. 


Also if you plan on doing the custom Lethbridge Sports and Social Club GORUCK event on June 9, 2018, then this bag is a must. Trust us, we've done a GORUCK challenge. You want a bag as tough as you!



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