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Take a Risk, Find Courage, Stay Present and Committed

January 04, 2018

Take a Risk, Find Courage, Stay Present and Committed

     Have you ever stopped and taken the time to really pause and think... How did I get here? How did this happen? What had to happen to make this possible? What pieces and people needed to be in place for this moment to happen? It’s o.k. if you have not thought like this, but these are thoughts that I have regularly. When I break it down and think about it all it’s not only undeniable, it’s actually quite profound. For me what I find so fascinating is the series of synchronistic events that take place that had to happen at that exact time, at that exact space, with that exact person. I would like to share some of my thoughts and experiences with you in hopes that you might see the big picture and maybe understand the magnitude of my experiences a little better.


" ... if I didn’t take a risk, find courage, stay present and committed, even make sacrifices, I would have missed out on many grateful moments that turned out to be blessings ..."

     Let me paint this picture for you... I have LOVED Tony Robbin’s work since I was 16 years old. I use to watch recordings of his seminars on t.v. with my grandma when she was still living; over the years I have bought his books, followed blogs, liked linked In, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all following Tony’s work, I think it’s fair to say I am a fan, I truly believe in what he does and how he does it, but what sticks out to me is 4 major synchronicities that in my mind don’t just happen but there are lessons in them.

     Synchronicity #1

There is no way Patrick (founder of LSSC) would have known I was such a huge fan of Tony Robbins work; this is something I kept internally and didn’t speak of. I didn’t want to feel judged by people or have to explain myself to people so I just kept this to myself. (I am not saying Patrick would do this), it has just been my experience in the past that there is always someone who wants to bring you down so I just keep a lot of my thoughts and feelings to myself most of the time. The fact that Patrick had unknowingly purchased a ticket to the same event was cool to me

Synchronicity #2

You might be thinking... If you’re such a big fan how come you haven’t gone to one of his events before? And the answer to this question is simple; it’s not that I haven’t wanted to, I have so desperately wanted to. The short answer is money and lack of resources, as Tony’s weekend seminars cost over $2,000 not including air fare, accommodation, and food once you are there, so for me this was out of reach BUT... when I found out he was not only coming to Canada but he would be speaking at an event in Calgary two hours away, I knew this was a sign I had to go. I thought it’s never going to get better than this, this is my chance, this is my opportunity; if I walk away from it I will always regret it. Hey listen I am human so the long list of excuses as to why I shouldn’t go was long, but I also knew I had to go.

Synchronicity #3

Patrick (from the club) had purchased a ticket and had made the suggestion that maybe we could go together as he knew I was planning on going alone, I thought wow this is great!. It was perfect because I did not want to go alone, and he wouldn’t have known this either but I have severe anxiety about driving in Calgary as I am not familiar with the city, so it worked out perfectly or so I thought? That is until there was a massive snow storm the night before coupled with the fact that it was also a stressful time with it being only 5 days until Christmas. The driving conditions were unbearable in some places we literally had to plow the vehicle through snow drifts that covered the road just to get through, often times; driving lanes were completely submerged in snow. We had to leave at 4:45 am to get there on time for 8:00 am as that’s when the event started, needless to say we didn’t make it on time but we did plow through and made it. There were times where we almost turned back but I am glad we didn’t.

Synchronicity #4

Through the final exercise that Tony took us through I had no idea that what would come up for me would be a moment from the LSSC. He had us pick three memories I will talk more about this exercise in a minute but on the second one that came to my mind was me standing on the top of Carthew-Alderson Mountain in Wateron (an experience I was able to have this summer through the club) and what a blissful, peaceful moment that was. This to me surprised me because out of all the moments in my life (which are many) this was the moment that came to mind that filled my heart with so much gratitude and joy.

"... take the time to challenge our identity (who we think we are), and allow ourselves to be spontaneous instead of responding to how we think we should act..."

Millions of people go to see Tony Robbins, and all for different reasons; (even Patrick could tell you his reasons, were different than mine) but there is one underlying theme that sticks out; It is the idea that everyone wants to live a life of fulfillment and a life that has meaning. What I didn’t know a year ago, that I know now, is that our experiences are magnified for the better when we share them with others. (This is even true for this experience; my words do not do it justice). Tony’s message was how important it is to take time to reflect, and value the gifts you can give yourself. Tony’s mission is to stop suffering in our lives. Tony says that suffering comes from the pressures we put on ourselves and that society places on us of who we think we “should” be and that this is a disconnect from who we really are. Tony suggested that if we take the time to challenge our identity (who we think we are), and allow ourselves to be spontaneous instead of responding to how we think we should act, and if you frame this process differently by thinking I am going to enjoy and appreciate this moment because life is too short to suffer this can really shift your perspective and your life. (Which I would say has been true for me).

Tony took the audience through an exercise. He said, I want you to think about something that’s troubling you, something that you want resolved, something that on a scale of 1-10, 10 being bad is about a 7 or more. The audience followed with this request myself included. He then instructed us to place your hands on your heart, close your eyes, breathe into your heart, physically feel your heart, feel the beauty and strength of your heart, then I want you to think about what your heart has guided you to do that you are grateful for, as your breathing think of three things big or small one at a time that your grateful for this could even be synchronicities, then he paused and allowed for the audience to individually collect these moments, he stated choose a moment that if you stepped into it right now you could feel it like you were there. Tony instructed, breathe it, feel it, sit with it, then think of a second moment really take it in, then think of a third something you think as a blessing. From this peaceful state Tony guided the audience to think: In these three moments ask yourself: All I need to remember is? All I need to focus on is? All I need to do is what? He then stated that your heart knows the answer and that this is the solution to your problem and it has come from within you. It’s funny how something so simple can have such a strong impact.

After reflecting on the day on the drive home many things came to mind, like the problem you think is never really the root problem and also the answers we seek are within us. The bigger message is taking the time to acknowledge and appreciate self; It’s like in the movie the Wizard of Oz when Glenda says to Dorthy You have always had the power, you just have to learn it for yourself (for me this could not be more accurate) and by doing Tony’s exercise summed up by the totality of this experience it became even more clear.

So I know what you might be thinking, so what? Who cares? What’s the big deal? I share these reflections with you to paint the picture of the total experience maybe so that you can see themes, patterns, synchronicities in your own life. I am in no way saying that you will have the same experiences as me, your journey is your own, with its own lessons.

I am however saying that if I didn’t take a risk, find courage, stay present and committed, even make sacrifices, I would have missed out on many grateful moments that turned out to be blessings, and after all, for me, that is the real gift and the real reason that makes life meaningful.  When I started the exercise with Tony I wasn’t thinking that any memories from the club would show up, but as it turns out it has had a very significant and profound impact on me. For me I was reaching beyond my own limitations and that has made all the difference. Climbing so many mountains has taught me I can overcome anything one step at a time, and let me tell you the view from the top is worth it.

-Amanda McMahon

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