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Social Wellness - Why It is Important.

November 17, 2018

Social Wellness - Why It is Important.

With Technology adding to the way we communicate and share information, are we feeling more connected or disconnected?

Social media is a great tool that most of use everyday in some regard but are adults feeling connected with the community they live in? Do Canadians feel isolated and lonely?

14% report experiencing loneliness “almost always” or “often”


The Vancouver Foundation did a study about how citizens in metro Vancouver described their community involvement, their sense of loneliness and how they connect with other adults. 


In their report, there was some shocking information but also not so shocking information. Sometimes we were happily surprised that the state of affairs was not as dreary as we thought. Other times,  the information collected supported our own hypothesizes.


First I recognize this report was done in metro Vancouver and we live in Lethbridge, Alberta. But I would like to think that similar numbers could be drawn across Canada if this study was made in every urban centre. 


We often describe social isolation as something that affects elderly or people with mobility issues but this is not always the case. Adults of all ages are affected by loneliness. Fourteen percent of adults describe themselves to be lonely part or all the time.  


31% of adults aged 18 – 24 spend more time alone then they would like.

What we find in Lethbridge Sports and Social Club, is that members are joining with different stories and backgrounds, but they all share common themes. They want to connect and share experiences with others. None of them describe to us as being lonely but, they all see the value of sharing experiences together.



In 2017, over 50% of adults described it difficult to make new friends.


More that 50% of adults surveyed described it being difficult to make new friends. Remember how easy it was when we were kids? Somewhere along the way we forgot to say hi, or invite others to, plainly speaking, do things.


And even though fifty percent describe it hard to make friends, "86% of adults  report that their close relationships provide a sense of emotional security and wellbeing."


So what is blocking us from making those connections even though we find it a valuable piece in our lives? The fear of belonging. 


The fear of belonging is so strong with every person, that it holds us back from contributing ideas in a business meeting, to speaking up in a group, or to asking someone out on a date. We don't want to rock the boat and be cast to the side. We want to fit in, be liked, and feel comfortable to contribute to the group. We want to feel valued.  


With Lethbridge Sports and Social Club, we are creating the opportunity for adults to come together and share experiences. No matter their age or ability, all are welcomed. Our goal is to create the opportunity for our members to connect, form friendships and create memories. 


Members have a pool of people all looking to share experiences. No longer do they have to look up events, get the details and coordinate their friends to attend. With Lethbridge Sports and Social Club, the events are planned and members just show up and have fun!


We want to change the statistic of 50% of adults saying it is hard to make friends to 0%. Lethbridge Sports and Social Club is giving adults that chance.


"I love meeting new people and always having something fun to do when I'm bored! I have made a lot of amazing friends though the group and would encourage anyone to join!!!"

- Tracy


Lethbridge Sports and Social Club


"I’m so glad I went last night! Attending a first social can be a little intimidating when going by yourself, but I want to say that feeling was very short lived. Thanks everyone!"

- Brenda



"Lethbridge Sport and Social Club has such a diverse group of members- the group provides opportunities to meet amazing people you may never have crossed paths with otherwise. It just keeps getting bigger and better and there is something for everyone! So, so worth it!"

- Tessa


If you want to share experiences with other members of Lethbridge Sports and Social Club, become a member today!


Be Active. Be Social. Have Fun.




Read the Full Report from The Vancouver Foundation here.

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