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Revisit: It Starts with One

October 13, 2017

Revisit: It Starts with One

Looking back at the early months of Lethbridge Sports and Social Club, it was a really stressful time for me to get the club up and running. I had many sleepless nights, burnt the midnight oil, stress ate, gained 20 pounds and spent every spare moment I had into the club. 

Now, 10 months later, the club has grown to a formidable size and in such a short time. It has been an amazing journey to get here. 

Sometimes it is important to look back to see how far you've come and with this blog, I am looking back at the Blog Post, "It Starts With One" from March 28.

I should have read this again sooner. It is so on point with my own personal journey with the club even though I wrote it to impart motivation to the window shoppers who were not quite ready to become members. 

Here's a recap from that Blog post with some additional content and edits.


One member described me as an odd duck. But she meant it with affection. (I know, you might be sharing my raised eyebrow) But she explains that it was pleasantly strange that I took the courage to start Lethbridge Sports and Social Club. Every new beginning has to start somewhere right. I may have started the Lethbridge Sports and Social Club, but the journey starts with you. 


"If you want an adventure, curate people around you who have adventures!" Jon Levy


There is always going to be a first time. You're first time at doing something is most likely  not going to be great. But it starts with you. Take the action to do something.

Maybe you come to a Lethbridge Sports and Social Club event and the turnout wasn't great but, you came out and it starts with you.

When I started organizing events, the turnouts were small. Sometimes our turnouts are still small. But that's okay. That's the journey! There are 400+ members now and we are continually growing. There are a lot of non-members  (and members too for that matter) watching our events and asking how things went. We just keep moving forward and creating the experiences. The others will come when they are ready. In the meantime, we keep experiencing the journey. 




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