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Rediscover Your Why

January 13, 2018

Rediscover Your Why

Running down the ski mountain in Sun Peaks in a Spartan Race brought me so much joy. Why?

Do we play it too safe? Why do we stop doing things that brought us so much joy? Did we get too busy? Are we too distracted with by things that don't matter? Was there a moment that brought a dark cloud to that experience?  How do we get it back?

Maybe you're a little like me. I went through a 2-3 year period in my life when things felt like they were slipping away from me. I had created a vision for my life and when the road bumps came along and the road started to wind, I felt like I was losing control and I couldn't get it back on track. So I started to let go. 

When the road got tough, I lost my WHY and threw up my hands and lost my motivation to work through it. 

I decided to stop creating excuses for myself. I wanted a change.

I can't pin point when that moment happen, because it was a gradual build and not a turning point. And I believe that it is almost never an exact moment, but a series of decisions we make and a journey of growth to achieve the life we want for ourselves. 

I began my journey with the elimination of self-pitying and excuses. They didn't drive me forward they only held me back.

Then I began to challenge myself first by doing activities and sports I used to do that I hadn't done in years. I enjoyed these activities so much, so why did I quite them?

Then I amped it up. I set higher benchmarks for myself and worked hard to get there.

The GORUCK Challenge brought in to focus my WHY. It exposed all fears and self-doubt. You have no where else to go in the GORUCK Challenge other than to become your best.  

Watch this video and learn what their why is. I was able to relate my self-discovery to their reasons for taking a kayak off waterfalls. (I recommend you put on the subtitles)

Why, a film by Hugo Clouzeau


There is something powerful about clearing your mind and focusing on only one thing. And then when you add adrenaline, fear, excitement, and a sense of accomplishment the reward is empowerment.


We want to challenge you to discover your WHY. Go skiing down a mountain, take part in the GORUCK Challenge in June, explore the mountains in a hike.

Whatever you choose, "Plan a Goal You Cannot Achieve, Plan For It, Train For It, and Destroy It!"  The rewards will be life changing!


Lethbridge Sports and Social Club

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