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Personal Growth and Bonding Through Adventure

April 17, 2017

Personal Growth and Bonding Through Adventure

Today I am listening to a Podcast interview of Jon Levy who has written a book called Two AM Principal: Discover the Science of Adventure.

This interview spoke directly to me and what the culture of the Lethbridge Sports and Social Club.  I haven't read the book yet, but after I write this blog, I am going out to seek it out. And even without reading it, I want to encourage anyone who is looking to grow as an individual and connect with others in ways you never thought possible to listen to this podcast from The School of Greatness and check out Jon Levy's book. Powerful stuff! 

Jon Levy is a Human Behaviour Scientist and here are some of my favourite takeaways from the interview:


"Routines are good if you want to be productive but it is hard to grow when you are in a routine." 

"[Growth] in terms of social situations, you have to throw yourself out there. When you are going to push your limits, you have to go somewhere different because you will be stifled within the environments you are used to. We know our brains operate fundamentally differently in new environments. Our brain reacts by wanting to explore and understand."


Jon refers to the Ben Franklin affect and the reciprocity affect in the interview, he goes on to say, "If I ask someone to do me a favour, they will like me more after because they have invested time and effort in to me. If you begin by asking a small favour, they are more likely to do you a greater favour later. If you stack asking for favours, people will feel more committed to you. By getting people to invest in you, you create stronger bonds."


"Misattribution of Arousal is a study done where arousal is a heighten and elevated physical state. The belief is that in a state of heighten physical arousal, then people can create stronger bonds and accelerate the relationships between people."


"Adventure brings about growth. The person you are at the end is distinct from where you are at the beginning. It is the person you get to be in the process, and the person you become, is the journey. Because when you expand, you get a new skill set and that is the real prize. You can now do things that previous couldn't do. Things that can elevate the experience are those that are just outside of our comfort zone."

This was a lightning bolt straight to my soul when I heard this!

"If you want an adventure, curate people around you who have adventures."


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