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New to Lethbridge?

February 12, 2017

New to Lethbridge?

Welcome to Lethbridge

We want to welcome you to Lethbridge and the Lethbridge Sports and Social Club. We know that moving to a new city has it's challenges. You may be starting a new job, your living in a new home, and you are probably looking to make some new friends to share experiences with.

We want to encourage you to join our club and connect with other members to explore what the city has to offer, to be active in one of our recreational sports leagues and to be adventurous outside of the city in our surrounding towns and National Parks. 

Come to our monthly meeting. The date and place of our meetings are listed on our Events page. At our meeting, we will explain what the club offers to our members and what we are planning for the upcoming month.  Our next meeting is February 23 at Taps Grill in their private room.

If you are looking to be active, join one of our organized recreational sports leagues

Explore the benefits of being a member of Lethbridge Sports and Social Club by visiting our partners page.

Lethbridge Sports and Social Club - Life's a Journey, Find Some Companions

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