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Meet Jim

February 26, 2017

Meet Jim

At 63, Jim is not slowing down and he is about to face one of his toughest physical challenges yet.

LSSC - How old are you?

Jim - I will be 63 in 2017. 

LSSC - What activities did you participate in while in high school and college?

Jim - I played football while in high school and while in university, I played squash recreationally.

LSSC - What activities have you done as an adult?

Jim - In the nineties I trained in Tai Kwon Do. Now I  play golf recreationally and am learning to hockey.

LSSC - What do you do to challenge yourself?

Jim - I've always been willing to try new things and embrace the challenge that comes with them. I've never stayed in a job for too long, I even started my own business when I was younger. I was always seeking out the challenge in my career so I could grow and progress.

Golf has always been athletically challenging and I'm forever trying perfect that sport.  

I also started hockey at the age of forty. That has not been without its challenges. 

But signing up for the GORUCK Challenge in Calgary coming up in June will be the most physical challenge I'll ever do.  

Author's note: GORUCK is an American company that manufactures rucksacks among other gear, and run team-building endurance events based on their experiences in the Special Forces. Check them out here.

Jim (continued) -  GORUCK  is an intimidating athletic trial, but it will be a way to connect with my son, who is also in the event, and to challenge my limits. 

LSSC - What made you want to sign up for GORUCK?

Jim - I figured after all the sh** I bought, I might as well. Even if I just  do the training and get ready for it. I am not planning to quit before I get there, but the training will get me in good shape.

LSSC - What are you going to do to not let your goal to finish the GORUCK Challenge overcome you?

Jim - I am going to set small goals in my training and look to accomplish those before moving on. Take it one step at a time. I plan to take that strategy with me during the Challenge.

You do the best you can and hope that your body doesn’t give out. (laughs) Then I will look to others and find strength in them to persevere. From what I've seen from other Challenges is that the people who participate in the GORUCK Challenge come in all shapes, sizes and fitness levels.

LSSC - What training program are you planning on doing to get ready for the GORUCK?

Jim - I'm wearing my backpack with 30lbs, with a water bladder which might add another 5 pounds and I'm running with all that gear on. I do have to be careful of my knees. (laughs)

I am also getting a personal trainer to help me stay focused with my condition training. I need that coach to keep me motivated and to keep pushing myself.

LSSC - Why is it important to you to challenge yourself?

Jim - It is my feeling that if you are not challenging yourself, you’ve given up on yourself. If you are not challenging yourself, you allow yourself to get old, get bored, and loose the will to live.

I'm training hard for the GORUCK Challenge and as I am getting back into this physical activity, I find the dopamine that you get from exercise to be addictive. I also am liking to look at myself in the mirror again. 

LSSC - What does greatness mean to you?

Jim - Knowing yourself and being happy with yourself. When you do that, you get to share yourself and it is when you share yourself, that your own personal greatness becomes evident. 

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