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Bear's Hump and the Pie Cruise Adventure

May 31, 2017

Bear's Hump and the Pie Cruise Adventure

On May 28, 2017, five members of Lethbridge Sports and Social Club gathered outside of the Superstore in Lethbridge to embark on a day's hike in Waterton Lakes National Park.


There were two groups of friends and one solo adventurer but by the end of the day, all had become friends.


Here is what they had to say of the day:


"The great thing about hiking is that it is a fantastic way to use your training or conversely, to motivate you to start training. The other cool thing is that you can hold a conversation even while you are going full-out.  You can’t do that with running or lifting weights. That is why Lethbridge Sports and Social Club hit a homerun here with it's Expedition's group. " - Levi Clampitt


Lethbridge Sports and Social Club - Bear's Hump at Waterton National Lakes Park


"I showed up for the pie, but got so much more!

I love pie. I also love hiking. Putting both of these events together was just something I couldn't pass up. I wasn't really sure what to expect as I was joining the group solo; however, it was so easy! We were all there for similar reasons ...whether it be partaking in a favourite pastime, meeting new people, trying something new, or all of the above. I had so much fun and the people I met were awesome! I am really excited for the hikes and adventures to come

Lethbridge Expeditions is a great way to connect with others and enjoy the beauty of Southern Alberta and the Rocky Mountains. If you every felt you wanted to explore these trails but didn't want to hike alone, then consider joining us for our next adventure!" - Darlene 


Lethbridge Sports and Social Club - Lethbridge Expeditions


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