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It Starts With One

March 28, 2017

It Starts With One

Take Action to Get the Things You Want

It has been 6 weeks since we launched Lethbridge Sports and Social Club, and we are going strong.

But it has been no easy ride.

February was a month of doubt and deep thinking. Was this something Lethbridge really wanted?

But then people started to come, send us messages, buy memberships, attend events and give us feedback.

We lifted our chins and with the support of our community we continued on. 

In March we doubled in size!

And we are continuing to grow. We want to thank you because you are the pioneers of Lethbridge Sports and Social Club. You took that risk, you took that adventure, and you believe in our dream of connecting with other adults in recreational sport and social activities.

I want to leave you with a message:

It starts with one. 

There is always going to be a first time. It is not going to be great first. But it starts with you. Take the action to do something. Maybe you come to an event and the turnout wasn't great but, you came out and it starts with you. Maybe you go home and rally up some of your friends to come next time because you believe in the importance of gathering as a community and sharing the experience.

When I started organizing events, the turnouts were small. Sometimes our turnouts are still small. But that's okay. That's the journey! There are 400+ people following us on Facebook, watching our events and asking how things went. We just keep moving forward and creating the experiences. 

 If you don't create the opportunity, you will never achieve your goals.

We want to encourage you to keep taking the risks in your lives, challenge yourself, create the opportunities and enjoy the experiences. Life is not a dress rehearsal, take action, take risks.

If you want to be, do.

 If want to become a member of Lethbridge Sports and Social Club, join here.

 Come see what we are planning for our next adventure here.

Or join one of our sports league.

Lethbridge Sports and Social Club

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