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How Joining a Club Can Help You Succeed?

February 02, 2017

How Joining a Club Can Help You Succeed?

Whatever it is you are hoping to achieve this year, do so by joining a group of like-minded individuals who will motivate you.

Napoleon Hill called it a "mastermind" group. The mastermind group is a group of individuals who can support, nurture, motivate you to achieve your own personal greatness. When you join your mastermind group, you will look for a mentor who can respect your vision and guide you to achieve it. 

Mastermind groups are so valuable because they can give you feedback, opportunities to collaborate, the chance to network, provide you with resources, and support you through hardships.

At Lethbridge Sports and Social Club, we call our mentors Champions.

Anyone can be a Champion. Everyone can positively impact someone else's life. We want to create the beneficial opportunities that you might get from joining a mastermind group. In essence, we want to be your mastermind group.

If you are not an active member, come to one of our meetings and start getting connected with the people who will support your journey to success. Nervous to take that first step? Bring a friend for support.


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