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Don't Let Fear Set In ... Over-rule the Odds

February 23, 2017

Don't Let Fear Set In ... Over-rule the Odds

Here is a story I want to share with you.

A mother got into a conflict with her sixteen year-old son. Upset the son ran out of the house. His mother decided to let him go to cool off. Not shortly after, her other son came in to the house to tell his mom that his brother had been hit by a car and had been air lifted to the hospital. 

When she and her fifteen year-old son arrived to the hospital, they found him in critical condition. He had fractured bones, a severe head injury and a torn aorta. Those who suffer a torn aorta typically have a 90% fatality rate. They were faced with some difficult choices, operate on his aorta with blood thinners and he would bleed out or operate to save his brain but let his heart die.

But there was one more option. There was a doctor at another hospital who could do the procedure without blood thinners. But there was a high risk he wouldn't survive the airlift. If he did, he wouldn't survive the surgery. If he survived the surgery, which was so slim, he would be severely brain damaged. When told the odds, the fifteen year old brother said, "So there is a 0.25% chance? We will take those odds" The family decided they would over-ruling the odds and take the chance. They adopted the mindset of, "I see abundance, not scarcity."

Over-rule the odds, be open to all the possibilities.  Change your mindset.

The story continues....

They rush her injured son to the other hospital and the surgery is a success. But the doctor who operated on his heart said, "I am just a plumber, you'll have to speak to the neurosurgeon regarding his brain."

As they were waiting to hear from the neurosurgeon, the mother got a mysterious phone call from one of her clients. "Grant is going to be okay, he is a fighter, and he needs you to be strong for him." This client of hers was a new client, and was unaware that the mother had kids.

Finding a new found strength, she only surrounded herself with those who shared her belief that her son will walk away from this accident. Anyone who was negative, she asked to leave. 

People often expressed sympathy to the mother for the accident and her response is, "well he didn't die."  The general misconception whenever anything bad happens to us is to feel that this is catastrophic tragedy.

What if we flipped our mind-set and say, this can be the best thing that has ever happened to us. I will be better because of this. In the moment we are terrified. But challenge yourself to change your mindset. 

To those who tried to express their condolences for her son's accident, the mother would say, I don't need your sympathy, I need your support." Look at any small win that confirms you are moving in the right direction and don't loose sight of hope. 

Her son survived the operations but with severe brain trauma. He continues to receive care and is progressing every day. He acknowledges his mother's unwavering determination while he was unconscious as his primary drive to recover from the accident. 

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Come back next week and we will discuss more about changing your mindset.


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