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Don't let Cabin Fever Set in

February 16, 2017

Don't let Cabin Fever Set in

Step outside into the cold, and out of the comfort of your house. If you dress accordingly to the weather, you'll be able to enjoy some winter activities for hours. Just look at those brave souls that bike up and down Whoop-Up Drive all winter. Kudos.

Cross Country Skiing 

Cross country skiing is coming back in a big way. When I was young, it was the frowned upon choice at the ski hill. Now everywhere I turn people are getting back in to the sport. And why not, in an afternoon you can develop the skills needed to preform well and enjoy an afternoon at your local park. If you work yourself up to the Olympic form you can burn up to 735 calories an hour. 

Buy or rent your skiis from Alpenland

Trail Running

Lethbridge has a large running community and the weather doesn't stop the best of them. In the winter opt to focus on proper form and and extending your endurance. Concentrate on landing on the balls of your feet to safeguard winter trails. To avoid injury, take 10 minutes to warm up inside with some range of motion stretching. Be sure to dress for the weather to keep those muscles warm.

Visit Runner's Soul for your specialized running gear.


If you like to hike and explore the unbeaten path, why not do the same in the winter? Head to Waterton and explore the fresh power and get lost in the winter wonderland. The biggest learning curve to snowshoeing is a 5 minute adjustment to the shoe, then you are good to go. In deeper snow snow or when you are going up hill, try taking heavier more confident steps.

It is important to select your snowshoes according to your weight. Keep in mind your total weight after you add your snow gear and ruck sack full of water and food.


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