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Do Anything, But Nothing

February 13, 2017

Do Anything, But Nothing

... Starting NOW!

Write down the following:

  1. An activity you like to do.
  2. What time in the day are you going to do your activity.
  3. How often are you going to do this activity.
  4. Who are you going to do this activity with?

Now you have no choice in the matter, commit yourself to doing this activity in your set condition for 4 consecutive weeks.

You can make the activity as aggressive or as simple as you want. The challenge here is to mentally condition yourself and develop the habit. 

I believe, like most challenges in our lives, that getting in to a new routine is 90% to do with our state of mind. Condition yourself to think and approach your challenges differently and your adversity won't be as difficult as you first imagined.


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