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Changing your Mindset

February 27, 2017

Changing your Mindset

How do you develop a change in your mindset?

Sometimes we look for ways to measure how to change and how we grow. I can cut calories and measure my weight to track weight loss. I can practice making free throws in basketball and measure the times I scored. But how do you measure a change in your mind?

Adopt the idea that you are not in a fixed in your present state, you are not a victim, and life doesn't happen to you. You can be responsible for your life, you can control it, build it, and create it because of your mindset. But how can you make it happen? Is your brain like a muscle that you can grow?

If so how can we begin to measure it?

If we were to talk to everyone who has become successful in their lives, we can begin to see a common denominator. Which is this, they have all gone through their own personal or professional struggles to get there. 

The attributes that these common people share are that they are courageous, abundance minded, resilient. They work at keeping a positive mindset. When Reuben "Hurricane" Carter was thrown into jail, he refused to be treated as a prisoner. He adopted the mindset that he was still in control of his life. Even when he was released he refused an apology from the courts because that would have meant that the courts took something away from him. 

"We don't rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training." Archilochus - Greek lyrical poet

If we want to have that positive mindset, we have to train for it. So when we are challenged, it is our positive mindset that we fall back to.

"We decide what we will make of each and every situation. we decide whether we'll break or whether we'll resist. we decide whether we'll assent or reject. No one can force us to give up or to believe something that is untrue (such as, that a situation is absolutely hopeless or impossible to improve). Our perceptions are the thing that we're in complete control of."

Ryan Holiday - The Obstacle is the Way

If you are wanting to learn more how to grow and think positively I suggest these two books.

Think and Grow Rich - Napoleon Hill

The Obstacle is the Way - Ryan Holiday


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