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Build Your Social Network

February 28, 2017

Build Your Social Network

We live in a time where the idea of individualism is prominent. We tend to believe that our success and failure is due to our natural talent, intelligence, education, effort or luck. But how much credit can we take for ourselves?

Does a professional athlete stop training with their coaching staff once they've reached success? Who helped them to reach their success? Did they reach their success without a team of motivators and collaborators?

Did we teach ourselves math and science or did we learn from educators and information written in books? Our educators and mentors guide and teach us as we grow. We all experience hardships in our lives, but it is the people we share those experiences with that help us grow from those experiences. 

Ask yourself, do you put more effort into an activity or your job when everyone is preforming at a high standard? How often do we see a bad apple spoil the dynamics of a group? Working together as a collective group that supports and motivates one another is more powerful than any individual. Our success is based on the relationships we have with others.

Researchers believe that our intelligence is malleable and can be shaped by our experiences. They believe that our mind grows through our social interactions. Are you experiencing a hardship in your life? Are you feeling unfulfilled? Challenge yourself to progress and change and find the support in a group.

Studies have even shown that the quality and longevity of our lives is directly impacted by the quality of relationships we have. 

Want make make meaningful connections and relationships in your life? Join Lethbridge Sports and Social Club and connect with others who share your interests. Connect with those who want to help you grow, overcome your challenges, encourage you to experience new things, and make new friends. 

It is time to grow your social network. Become a member of Lethbridge Sports and Social Club.

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