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An Introvert's Beginner's Guide

March 12, 2017

An Introvert's Beginner's Guide

Do you ever feel overwhelmed and drained at a social event?

Would you describe yourself as an introvert of an extrovert? See if the following applies to you.

Introverts tend to have events planned out in advance, they tend to weigh in on the value of the activities before they commit to an event, they save their energy for smaller intimate events rather than the bar scene and they despise small chat as it involves having "superficial" conversations because they look for deeper, meaningful interactions. People may energize you, for a limited time but, when their stamina wears down, they often will look for solitude. Does this sound like you?

There is nothing wrong being an introvert, as much as you feel the societal pressure to be an extrovert. The world needs the balance that introverts bring.

Introverts have their positive traits too. They tend to take more time to be more reflective and can be empathetic to others. They tend to be more artistic, deep thinkers and are creative problem thinkers.

But if you wanted to challenge yourself to be more social, you need to work on changing your mindset. Start looking for the positive in every situation. Bring a positive mindset when you feel that you are being challenged. Begin by creating habits that aid you in your goals. Confidence is not a trait, it is something you get from practicing and doing.

Michaela Chung, author of The Irrestistible Introvert has a suggestion on how to strategize activities for introverts. "Make a list of all the activities that deplete you during a regular week. Then make a list of all the activities that replenish you." She goes on to say to balance what you do throughout your week with activities that drain and replenish you. And if there is one thing introverts are known well to do, is planning. 

At Lethbridge Sports and Social Club, we see both introverted and extroverted people come to our events. We enjoy the energy that both types of people bring. If you are more likely to describe yourself as an introvert, we want to encourage you to come to one of our events. You might find that our members and events might suit you just fine.

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Want to learn more? Read The Irresistible Introvert by Michaela Chung.


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