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Adventures Only Happen to Those Who Are Adventurous

February 19, 2017

Adventures Only Happen to Those Who Are Adventurous

"I don't just apply this mantra to going on a trip but in all aspects of my life. Everything is an adventure, everything is a journey. Who knows what the outcome of your adventure will be. When you go on an adventure, the outcome can be exponentially better than where you came from. 

You can't quantify adventures. Adventures lead to new ideas, new best friends and when you open yourself up to adventures, all these things can happen. Take risks, take an adventure, and enjoy the journey. 

I want to explore. I want to meet people. People everywhere are amazing. When you go on adventures you make friends, you make connections, you get ideas.

Don't keep it real, keep it surreal"

Elliott Bisnow -Founder of Summit Series 


This has made a huge impact on me. When I heard that, I just wanted to get in my car and drive to the mountains and explore. It made me want to take more risks in aspects of my life. 

We challenge you to get involved, join Lethbridge Sports and Social Club and join us for some adventures. 

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