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Achieve your NYE Resolution in 5 minutes

January 16, 2017

Achieve your NYE Resolution in 5 minutes

The fireworks have settled, your hangover has cleared and now it's time to hike up your socks and get to work. Is your NYE resolution hanging over your head like a dark cloud? Are you asking yourself, "where do I even begin?"

Create a Five Minute Journal

A journal is a simple tool that will help you achieve your goals. All we ask you to do is to take 10 minutes a day. Five in the morning and five at night.
But before you take the time to write anything dedicate time in your day for yourself, no interruptions. Have you ever had your epiphany moment while taking a shower, while taking a bath, or sitting on the john? These are some of the few moments in our day where we are without interruption or distraction. You deserve time for reflection and meditation. Dedicate time in your day to collect your thoughts.

In the Morning

Twenty minutes after you wake up, take the time to plan your day? What is your goal? What challenges will you face that will deter you from achieving your goal? How are you going to react when you meet those challenges? Writing these ideas out will help you commit to your goal, and you've fleshed out how you can achieve them. Feeling empowered? Is the ball in your court? 

In the Evening

Ten minutes before you go to bed, write about what you are grateful for, the achievements you accomplished, the positive impact you made in someone's life, or keep it simple; what made you smile.
The Five Minute Journal will help you plan out what success looks like, give you the framework to achieve it, and can help you track your progress.
Try this NYE resolution success hack today.

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