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10 Months of Adventures

October 06, 2017

10 Months of Adventures

It is now October 2017, ten months ago Lethbridge Sports and Social Club launched. I thought it would be a good time to stop and reflect on what we have achieved and where we want to go. 

As I go back and look at the photos from all the events we have shared together I am truly blown away by everyone who has joined and the adventures we have shared.

Back in March, we have 400 followers on Facebook. Now we have 1,200 plus followers on Facebook.

 In March we had only 60 members and now we have 400!

In 10 months, we have:

  • Gone on 30+ hikes
  • Snowshoed in Banff
  • Skied
  • Did a Spartan Trifecta
  • Raised money for MS Society, Volunteer Lethbridge, YMCA Strong Kids Campaign, Tema Conter Memorial Trust.
  • Worked out together.
  • Played Rec. Sports
  • Won at Trivia
  • Sampled lots of beer
  • Rucked accross Lethbridge
  • Been Featured on CTV News, Lethbridge Living Magazine, Global News, Lethbridge News Now and the Prairie Post
  • Awarded a High 4 for supporting community in Lethbridge
  • Went on an ice walk
  • Rowed in a dragon boat
  • Painted while sipping
  • Explored the pathways of Lethbridge
  • Escaped LA
  • Never got board playing board games
  • Threw some axes (not at ex's)
  • Mingled while we mixed
  • Danced the salsa
  • Embraced Lethbridge's diverse culture at the SAEA 
  • and more, so much more!


Even with all that we have experienced together, what matters most is how we welcome and accept each other! The members of Lethbridge Sports and Social Club is what defines Lethbridge Sports and Social Club and I am proud to be a member!


- Patrick


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